Last year our members volunteered
over 6,869 hours 

in support of local community organizations.

Thank You to the Zwaanendael Museum for Inviting Us to Participate in their 22nd Annual Chautauqua Tent Show
and to All Who Logged on to Hear our Suffragette Profiles.
Enjoy These Behind the Scenes Photos from Performance Day
The passage of the 19th Amendment “engineered the greatest expansion of democracy on a single day the world has ever seen...” This allowed 25 million women to secure their right to vote with the stroke of a single pen.
Celebrating 100 Years of Voting Women
Raising the Suffragette Flag
On Wednesday, August 26, Z Club celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote at Lewes Town Hall where Mayor Ted Becker raised the Suffragette Flag. This event was attended by Z Club members and their costumed suffragettes; Deputy Mayor Bonnie Osler; Councilpersons Andrew Williams and Tim Ritzert; and Kathy Lindemer and members of the Colonel David Hall Chapter of the DAR who generously donated the flag.


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Mary Anne Rocks portrayed Nell Richardson.  Our authentic backdrops were drapery panels circa 1914.
Cindy DeEmedio who portrayed Amelia Jenks Bloomer shows off her namesake "bloomers."
(l-r)Sue Crawford portrayed Alice Burke; Kathy Ruth presented the "War of the Roses" story
"Ladies in Waiting"
(l-r) Z Club President Vickie Burrier; Lewes Mayor Ted Becker; Kathy Lindemer, DAR

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The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) is made up of 50 state federations across the United States and is nearly 80,000 members strong.

Founded in 1905, the GFWC Zwaanendael Women's
Club was organized by public-spirited women 
for the purpose of promoting community
improvements through volunteer service.

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The GFWC Zwaanendael Women's Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.