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Community Impact Program (CIP)

The Community Impact Program is a significant 2-year project chosen by the club membership that addresses specific needs of the community.  

The current Community Impact Program was designed to assist citizens experiencing homelessness and food insecurity in Sussex County. Always a concern, this need has significantly increased during the covid-19 public health crisis and its aftermath.

This program is in affect from January, 2022 through December, 2023 and its goals will be accomplished through a variety of projects and support for existing organizations.  Some of those projects are described below.


Lighthouse for Broken Wings is a transitional house dedicated to helping  those without housing regain their status in the community while having a place to call home.  It is a direct personal development program to improve the quality of life for all individuals in the home. It is managed by Toni Short (R.N.) who herself has experienced homelessness. 

The Sheltering Hearts program assists those experiencing

homelessness over the winter months. 

Guided by the organization's needs, we assist through monetary
donations for housing; gas and store gift cards; and providing daily
lunches over the winter months for those in the Sheltering Hearts
program.  We have also played Santa and Easter Bunny for the children.

Blooming Epworth.jpg
Lloyds food.jpg

In February 2023 Z Club partnered with Blooming Boutique, Lewes Public Library, Lloyds Market, and the Karen Wearden office of Edward Jones, to collect 3,387 pounds of food and personal care items for the Epworth Food Pantry.  

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