Community Impact Program (CIP)

The Community Impact Program is a significant 2-year project chosen by the club membership.  Traditionally, one organization would be chosen as a focus for the CIP.  That approach is not feasible during the current pandemic.


Always a concern here in Sussex County, the homeless and hungry population has significantly increased during these extraordinary times.  Therefore, Z Club has created the Helping the Homeless and Hungry program as the CIP for 2020-2022 with the goal of assisting those in need through a variety of organizations. 


One of the projects in this program is the support of Lighthouse for Broken Wings’ Sheltering Hearts program that houses 65 adults and children in a local hotel for the winter.  Members provided Christmas gifts for the children in this program and the Sheltering Hearts Lunch Committee ensures that these families receive lunch each day. Most of these lunches are prepared and funded by club members.