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Health and Wellness

The human body, mind, and spirit comprise our health and wellness. To improve our well being, we must address three key components: nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care. The Health and Wellness Community Service Program aims to explore the various opportunities for awareness and advancement of each of these vital areas.

Here are some of the ways in which we promote health and wellness in our community:



Lighthouse for Broken Wings is a transitional house for the homeless, dedicated to helping  those without housing regain their status in the community while having a place to call home.  It is a direct personal development program to improve the quality of life for all individuals in the home. It is managed by Toni Short (R.N.) who herself has experienced homelessness. 

Guided by the organization's needs, we assist residents in their goal to live a more productive and independent life.  That assistance includes food and monetary donations and providing daily lunches for homeless families housed over the winter months.


Cash and food donations are made to various organizations who assist those in our community suffering from food insecurity.  Our latest food drive helped fill the pantries at Lighthouse for Broken Wings and What is Your Voice, Inc. (Voices Against  Domestic Violence)

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